I'm Justin Seto

Product Manager

With a Passion for Crafting

Pixel Perfect Accessible Experiences

I Design

Develop &


for Everybody.

My Story

A passionate idealist on a journey to beautify the web, I was born to two software developer parents with a keyboard in hand. Having experienced the harsh realities of accessibility barriers at a young age, I now draw from my own experiences to ensure the web is a place that everyone can learn from, grow in and access — barrier free.

With a unique amalgamation of experiences in the world of both devlopment, design and product, my adventures have led me to work as a front-end developer at Sears Initium Commerce Lab, a Data Analyst at Livegauge a Digital Strategist (mobile channels) at TD Canada Trust, and most recently a Product Manager at LCBO Next. Learning along the way importance of cohesion between developers and designers and decoding bits and pieces of the complex ecosystem that is Product and the role experience design plays in it. I now look to apply all I have learned to continue perpetuating the best User Experience that I can.

When I'm not sitting in front of my laptop furiously typing away, you can catch me making music or dreaming about owning a cat 🐱

Things keeping me busy.